African Women of web3

Despite the potential benefits of this emerging technology, women face unique challenges in the Web3 space. From lack of diversity in the industry to gender bias in funding, women encounter significant obstacles that can make it harder for them to thrive in the decentralized web. Women undergo a lot of challenges in the technological space cutting across lack of representation and high rise of imposter syndrome in technological communities.

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Why we step in place



There is a significant gender disparity in the technology field, including Web3, in Africa. Women are underrepresented in technical roles, leadership positions, and decision-making processes.



Women in Africa often have limited access to resources such as computers, internet connectivity, and reliable electricity, which are essential for engaging with Web3 technologies.



Deep-rooted cultural and social norms can act as barriers for women in Africa who wish to pursue careers or entrepreneurial opportunities in Web3.

Connecting women in the next iteration of the internet

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Web3 will flourish if it's built with diversity in mind. Industries that are represented with diversity of thought, experience, ethnicity and gender reflect their ecosystems and users most accurately. We're proud to initiate African Women of Web3 (AWoW3) initiative to bring more women into the fold and create a financial system for the internet that works for all. We at AWoW3 are proud to sign the pledge in support of the Women of Africa to build a truly unstoppable force for good. AWoW3 is delighted to help connect women everywhere to educational opportunities and training resources for Web3, blockchain Web 3 digital / virtual assets. We also tokenize and work with NFTs. We believe access and education will level the playing field and usher in new possibilities for more.


Web3 industry needs to promote gender diversity and inclusivity to foster innovation and growth. By acknowledging and addressing the specific challenges faced by women, the industry can create a welcoming and accessible space for everyone to thrive.


Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Create programs and initiatives that actively encourage and support women's participation in the Web3 space. This can include scholarships, mentorship programs, and networking events specifically tailored for women in the industry. By fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, we can ensure that the decentralized web reflects the perspectives and needs of all its users.


Address Funding Bias

Establish funding mechanisms that provide equal opportunities for women in Web3 projects. Encourage venture capital firms and investors to prioritize diversity when making funding decisions. Additionally, support women-led projects through grants, angel investments, and crowdfunding platforms to help bridge the funding gap.


Provide Education and Training

Offer comprehensive educational resources and training programs specifically designed for women interested in Web3 technologies. This can include workshops, boot camps, and online courses that cover blockchain, Web3, and digital asset management. By equipping women with the necessary skills and knowledge, we empower them to actively participate and excel in the decentralized web space.

Our Value Proposition

Skills + Jobs

We teach ambitious girls and women about web 3 and the tech at large. Looking for a role in Web3? You can apply to our Talent Collective to get approached by the best Web3 employers.


We will be offering learning resources including the weekly Women of Web3 Podcast, an Accelerator program, developer training, worksheets, workshops and more.


We understand how important it is to bring women together - and how electric a room can be when learning about Web3 and connecting with one another! Sign up to our newsletter to be notified of upcoming events.

Eligible Applicants for AWOW3

High School individuals with outstanding African Web3 Zeal

Web2 Students with outstanding African Web3 passion and project ideas

Promising African Web3 women who want to upscale into Blockchain

Eligible Applicants for AWOW3


Applicants may fill a registration form of interest online, submit it for consideration and wait for review.


Eligible submissions will undergo a verification process in order to be listed on AWOW3 through an interview.


Once interviewed, submissions will be open for screening by AWOW3 Discover panel.


Submissions with the highest potential will enter our pool for AWOW3 consideration. where the candidate will be notified to join.

We’re helping women make the leap into the world of web3.

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